Gymkhana Games Schedule
Sun Apr 07 Bending Mug Shuffle Carton Tyre Run & Ride
Sun Apr 21 One up Polo Hi-Lo Litter Potato On Lucky Dip & Run
Sun May 05 Milkman Cone Ball Quoits 2x Bottle Flag Fliers
Sun May 19 Hug a Mug Can Sock in bucket Bottle Peg Scramble
Sun June 02 ASB Race Bank Race Cone Ball Sack on Pole Tyre
Sun June 16 Bending Postman Mug Shuffle Targets Can on Baton Ride & Run
Sun June 30 Mug Shuffle Lancer Bank Race Cone Ball Run & Ride
Sun July 14 Pony Race 2x Bottle Association Potato Scramble Stepping Stones
Sun July 28 Ball and Cone Moat & Castle Post a Letter Ball in Bucket 2 Flag
Sun Aug 11 Bending Ring over Pole Carton Triple Flag Tyre
Sun Aug 25 One up Polo Lancer Litter Flag Fliers Stepping Stones
Sun Sept 08 ASB Race Hi-Lo 3 Pot Flag Fishing Sock in Bucket
Sun Sept 22 Carton Tack Box Hug a Mug 2 x Bottle Association
Sun Oct 06 Bending Postman Mug Shuffle Cone Ball Run Ride Run Quoits

Race order may be changed subject to conditions

Gymkhana Schedule

Gymkhana will commence at 1pm (Booking-in closes at 12.30 to draw heats)

Each age group is run as a league with the points awarded at each show accumulated over the season. There will be a day winner at each show and rosettes awarded to tenth place. Trophies down to fourth place will be awarded at the end of season annual presentation.

Please click the button above to see the games schedule. Please note, games may be changed subject to weather conditions at the judge's discretion

Age groups (ages at 1st January):

  • Tiny Tots - under 5 years old (Leader and Holder permitted)
  • Lead Rein - under 8 years old (No Holder permitted)
  • Future Stars - under 12 years old (non-competitive class and A Group riders must be a different Rider/Pony combination)
  • A Group - under 12 years old
  • B Group - under 18 years old
  • C Group - over 18 years old
  • Open Group - any age (No Lead Rein permitted)

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